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Forget 21: 'Easy Jack' debuts to draw beginners to blackjack

Forget 21: 'Easy Jack' debuts to draw beginners to blackjack There's a new form of blackjack that's helping make the game easier to play for beginners. "Easy Jack" was introduced on the Las Vegas Strip this past June. The table game variant to the popular "21" game drastically changes the format of the player versus dealer dynamic. The game sets the max value of cards to 11 instead of the traditional 21. In addition, all players and dealer are dealt one card. An ace is an automatic win, and the dealer must hit on cards two through six and stay on seven through ace. The game is the brainchild of UNLV gaming student Matthew Stream, who was inspired when he was teaching a younger relative how to count. "Trying to keep it easy, that's the goal," Stream told KVVU-TV . Stream's idea was introduced in an end-of-semester competition, winning first place. The idea attracted an Caesars Entertainment executive, and soon, the game was offered over the summer on a trial run.

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